MAX RM v6.0 is live… Brand new Roles & Permissions

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MAX RM v6.0 is live… Learn more about Active Discovery

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MAX RM – QuickBooks quarantine issue – Resolution

We are aware of an issue with the Managed Antivirus feature quarantining QuickBooks applications. This has been addressed in the latest definitions updates (41468 and beyond) and it is no longer quarantining the files, however you will be required to release these files from the quarantine manually.

To ensure that this does not re-quarantine the file, please ensure that you update the definitions on the device(s) affected, first by right clicking the device > Managed Antivirus Scan > Update Definitions. Once this has been carried out, if you then release the files and re-run the checks this will correct the false positive issue.

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Coming Soon: MAX RM v6.0 – Active device discovery at your fingertips

We’re very pleased to announce the preview of a brand new feature for MAX RM – Active Discovery. We’ve heard from a lot of customers that you regularly find devices go unmanaged on your clients’ network. This is the first step towards us helping you discover those devices, and to charge accordingly.

This new addition to the MAX RM platform will enable you to scan and monitor your customers’ networks to see the active devices that are connected; everything from servers and workstations, to printers, routers, switches, NAS boxes, mobile devices, and any other networked equipment. You can monitor both wired and wireless networks, add network credentials to increase results, see detailed information for each device, and export the data to CSV.

This is just the beginning of our journey with Active Discovery, and for this initial release we have focused on adding value by providing information about the devices connected to your client’s networks. Future enhancements will bring even more actionable information directly to your RM dashboard.

We’re also introducing new Roles & Permissions in the same release. Click here to find out more. Continue reading

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Coming Soon: MAX RM v6.0 – Customize dashboard access with User Roles and Permissions, Part 2

We’re ready to unveil the next major instalment of User Roles and Permissions in MAX RM. This latest release gives you the ability to set up customised Dashboard user accounts, so that you can choose exactly which features you want to switch on and off for your users.

This is a major enhancement to User Management, as you now have total control over which features your users can see and use when they log into the Dashboard. You can hide features that a user doesn’t need access to or has not yet been trained on, plus you can use the new User Roles option together with the Client Groups feature, which we released earlier in the year, to precisely tailor your users’ Dashboard access. You can also use the new Roles and Permissions feature to create customised client logins, for example if a client has on-premise IT support.

In addition, as part of this release we’re also introducing a brand new feature for discovering connected devices on client networks. Click here to find out more about Active Discovery. Continue reading

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MAX Backup / IASO 15.6 Pushing to Auto Update

Reminder, the LogicNow Backup team will be pushing version 15.6 of the Backup Manager out via our Auto Update service later today.

Version 15.6 was release for download on June 6, 2015.  You can view the initial post here to see what features and functions are includes and to learn how to ensure that your systems are configured to accept the latest version.


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MAX RM v5.64 is live… find out more

Below are the release notes for the features and enhancements included in this release, which will be available to you from tomorrow (June 18). In this update we’re rolling out the first in a series of enhancements to the Dashboard Reports, starting with the Device Inventory Report – it’s getting a bit of a UI facelift and it’s now easier to select the clients, sites and devices you want to report on, with fewer clicks and one less dialog to work through.

To get more details on how it can help your business, click here. Continue reading

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