MAX RM v5.62 is live… here’s what’s coming your way

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Coming Soon: MAX RM v5.62 – Monitoring Templates Part 4

We have the next instalment in our series of Monitoring Template updates nearly ready to go. This release will enable you to apply multiple templates in one go, and roll them out at client and site level. This lets you set checks on devices in a consistent way, bringing better automation to the Dashboard while keeping your admin overheads in check.

We previously highlighted some of the business benefits, such as the ability to centrally share monitoring templates with your technicians so they’re all accessing the same set of checks. This release amplifies those benefits, by letting you push checks out to all devices at a client or site, simply by right-clicking in the Client Tree. For standardisation and scalability, Monitoring Templates are a great tool to use and offer a great new way for adding checks to devices en masse. Continue reading

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New MAX Backup 15.5 Release Candidate (RC) Available for download / Latest MAX Backup 15.0.1 (GA) Scheduled for Auto Update

Greetings, I am pleased to inform you of the latest updates and enhancements to the MAX Backup platform.

Release Timing

There are the releases in progress:

First, we have posted a MAX Backup 15.5 release candidate (RC) of the Backup Manager and various tools to our download site overnight on May 14th /15th.

Secondly, we will be posting a 15.5 release candidate (RC) of the Cloud Management Console to the download site the week of May 18th.

Thirdly, we will post the latest maintenance release of MAX Backup 15.0.1 so that it will be generally available (GA) through our Auto Update service in the evening hours of May 19th.

Correction, the posting of 15.0.1 to our Auto Update service was deferred to May 21.


Below is a summary of the enhancements and improvements introduced in the 15.0.1 GA and 15.5 RC releases.   Continue reading

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2:30pm EDT Update to US Dashboard for MAX RM

In a continuing effort to improve US dashboard performance, the LogicNow team is planning a change for 2:30pm EDT that will result in a brief interruption of dashboard availability, lasting approximately 10 minutes. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the customer experience.

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Further Update on California Datacenter

10:15am Pacific — Message processing for both inbound and outbound traffic at the California datacenter has remained stable and operating at normal levels. Message processing and other datacenters was and remains unaffected. We are continuing to monitor and will take any further necessary corrective action.

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MAX RM – Dashboard Performance Issue US Territory

We are currently experiencing a performance issue with the US Dashboard instance. We are working to resolve the issue as a priority and will keep you posted of our progress.

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Update on California Datacenter

8:30am Pacific — Outbound processing at the California datacenter has returned to normal processing times and has been stable for the last half hour or so. Our engineering team has diverted and segregated inbound traffic, and processing has largely returned to normal levels, although we are still working on this. We will continue to post updates here.

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