MAX RM : UK : scheduled dashboard maintenance

Dear customers,

We would like to announce a scheduled maintenance tonight at the time indicated below.

Thursday,  30 October 2014, 22:00 – 23:00 UTC

We will be performing a hardware maintenance on the primary dashboard.

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MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.51, Agent v9.7.2 GA Release – Managed Online Backup Enhancements

Dear Customers,

We’re pleased to announce that Dashboard v5.51 is being released overnight, so that it will be available in advance of the working day tomorrow, Thursday 30th of October. With this release, Agent v9.7.2 replaces Agent v9.6.1 as the production agent and becomes available for auto-update.

This release contains a significant update to Managed Online Backup, allowing you to take advantage of many of the features available in the standalone MAX Backup product: Continue reading

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MAX RM US : Slowness on the primary dashboard

Dear customers,

We are aware of some slowness affecting the primary dashboard access today.

We are actively working on mitigating the problem and we are keeping a close eye on the performance

We apologize for the inconvenience caused

UPDATE: The performance should be better now. We are keeping an eye on the systems

Best regards
The LogicNow team

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Coming Soon – MAX RM Release Dashboard v5.51, Agent v9.7.2 GA

Dear Customers,

We’re pleased to share provisional release details in advance of the next MAX RemoteManagement release, Dashboard v5.51, in which Agent v9.7.2 is to replace Agent v9.6.1 as the production agent and become available for auto-update.

In this release we are updating Managed Online Backup to use the latest MAX Backup version, allowing us to introduce several key enhancements to the Managed Online Backup service.  Please see below and the Quick Start Guide for details.

In addition, we’re continuing to work on Dashboard UI improvements, including a fix in this release to ensure access to Usage Reports, with more items currently passing through QA. We’re planning a next release to follow on shortly from this one and will let you know as soon as we have finalised release details.  Continue reading

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Addition of SMTP Journaling to MAX MailArchive

We are pleased to announce a key new feature of the archive service — SMTP journaling.  The SMTP journaling will allow existing and new customers a greatly simplified method of adding messages to the archive.

With the new SMTP journaling, the MAX MailArchive service automatically provides a dedicated archive email address for each domain.  (The address is listed in the Domains > Overview page and in the Management > Archive > Journaling section of the control panel.)  Customers simply configure journaling on their mail server to forward their messages to be archived to that address.  There is no need for any other configuration within MAX Mail nor within the customer’s infrastructure.

For more information, please see our recent LinkedIn post.


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Resolution of Issues with MAX Mail Control Panel

3:45 PM Pacific — The control panel for MAX Mail is back online.  The issue was due to a hardware problem with the front-end cluster.

The good news is that in resolving the issue, our engineering team was able to do some of the work that was planned for the maintenance window this evening.  As a result, we expect that the maintenance window for later this evening will be shortened significantly.

We apologize for any inconvenience.  Mail flow was not impacted by the issue.

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Issue with MAX Mail Control Panel

3:10pm Pacific — We have detected an issue with the MAX Mail control panel, which is currently unreachable.  Message processing is unaffected.  We will post an update here shortly.

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